Intergalactic Star Formation

Research paper by Pierre-Alain Duc, Meederic Boquien, Jonathan Braine, Elias Brinks, Ute Lisenfeld, Vassilis Charmandaris

Indexed on: 13 Oct '06Published on: 13 Oct '06Published in: Astrophysics


Star formation in interacting systems may take place in various locations, from the dust--enshrouded core of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies to more unusual places such as the debris of colliding galaxies expelled into the intergalactic medium. Determining whether star-formation proceeds in the latter environment, far from the parent galaxies, in a similar way as in spiral disks has motivated the multi--wavelength study presented here. We collected VLA/HI, UV/GALEX, optical Halpha and MIR/Spitzer images of a few nearby interacting systems chosen for their prominent "intergalactic" star formation activity. Preliminary results on the spectacular collisional HI ring around NGC 5291 are presented.