Interfacing Microfluidics with Negative Stain Transmission Electron Microscopy

Research paper by Nikita Mukhitov, John M. Spear, Scott M. Stagg, Michael G. Roper

Indexed on: 22 Dec '15Published on: 07 Dec '15Published in: Analytical Chemistry


A microfluidic platform is presented for preparing negatively stained grids for use in transmission electron microscopy (EM). The microfluidic device is composed of glass etched with readily fabricated features that facilitate the extraction of the grid poststaining and maintains the integrity of the sample. Utilization of this device simultaneously reduced environmental contamination on the grids and improved the homogeneity of the heavy metal stain needed to enhance visualization of biological specimens as compared to conventionally prepared EM grids. This easy-to-use EM grid preparation device provides the basis for future developments of systems with more integrated features, which will allow for high-throughput and dynamic structural biology studies.

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