Interdisciplinary Approach to Legal Scholarship: A Blend from the Qualitative Paradigm

Research paper by Nkansah, L. A, Chimbwanda, V.

Indexed on: 14 May '16Published on: 24 Dec '15Published in: Asian Journal of Legal Education


Interdisciplinary legal studies requires that the researcher generates knowledge from the social world. The problem, however, is that where law students and academicians are usually prepared to undertake legal research and analysis, they normally lack the methodological skills to undertake interdisciplinary legal studies. As a result, such studies are often not anchored in any scientific research methodological paradigm. As a matter of fact, a major criticism against interdisciplinary legal studies is that legal researchers who dabble in it lack the methodological skills to effectively undertake research of that nature. This article seeks to address how this problem may be approached. It will show how legal methods could be infused with one of the social science research methods—the qualitative paradigm—to augment legal scholarship.