Interactome of signaling networks in wheat: the protein-protein interaction between TaRAR1 and TaSGT1.

Research paper by Yin-Shan YS Tai

Indexed on: 15 Jun '07Published on: 15 Jun '07Published in: Molecular Biology Reports


RAR1 and SGT1 are required for development and disease resistance in plants. In many cases, RAR1 and SGT1 regulate the resistance (R)-gene-mediated defense signaling pathways. Lr21 is the first identified NBS-LRR-type R protein in wheat and is required for resistance to the leaf rust pathogen. The Lr21-mediated signaling pathways require the wheat homologs of RAR1, SGT1, and HSP90. However, the molecular mechanisms of the Lr21-mediated signaling networks remain unknown. Here I present the DNA and protein sequences of TaRAR1 and TaSGT1, and demonstrate for the first time a direct protein-protein interaction between them.