Interaction due to various sources in saturated porous media with incompressible fluid

Research paper by Rajneesh Kumar, Ibrahim A. Abbas

Indexed on: 25 May '16Published on: 25 May '16Published in: Journal of Central South University


The disturbance due to mechanical and thermal sources in saturated porous media with incompressible fluid for two-dimensional axi-symmetric problem is investigated. The Laplace and Hankel transforms techniques are used to investigate the problem. The concentrated source and source over circular region have been taken to show the utility of the approach. The transformed components of displacement, stress and pore pressure are obtained. Numerical inversion techniques are used to obtain the resulting quantities in the physical domain and the effect of porosity is shown on the resulting quantities. All the field quantities are found to be sensitive towards the porosity parameters. It is observed that porosity parameters have both increasing and decreasing effect on the numerical values of the physical quantities. Also the values of the physical quantities are affected by the different boundaries. A special case of interest is also deduced.