Integrals of the motion, green functions, and coherent states of dynamical systems

Research paper by V. V. Dodonov, I. A. Malkin, V. I. Man'ko

Indexed on: 01 Sep '75Published on: 01 Sep '75Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


The connection between the integrals of the motion of a quantum system and its Green function is established. The Green function is shown to be the eigenfunction of the integrals of the motion which describe initial points of the system trajectory in the phase space of average coordinates and moments. The explicit expressions for the Green functions of theN-dimensional system with the Hamiltonian which is the most general quadratic form of coordinates and momenta with time-dependent coefficients is obtained in coordinate, momentum, and coherent states representations. The Green functions of the nonstationary singular oscillator and of the stationary Schrödinger equation are also obtained.