Inoculum potential of verticillium—infested potato cultivars

Research paper by R. J. Slattery

Indexed on: 01 Mar '81Published on: 01 Mar '81Published in: American Journal of Potato Research


Viable propagules ofVerticillium albo-atrum andV. dahliae were recovered from potato stems before and after burial in the field during 1968–1971. Of 14 cultivars tested: Red Pontiac and Superior ranked highest in numbers of propagules ofV. albo-atrum. Russet Burbank, Kennebec, and Irish Cobbler ranked highest withV. dahliae, respectively.Survival ofV. albo-atrum in infected stems was evident (5 − 34 × 103 ppg) even after burial in field soil for 17 months. In general, survival ofV. albo-atrum (47–69%) was higher thanV. dahliae (23 – 61%) following field burial of infected stems for 7 months.