Injectable and glucose-responsive hydrogels based on boronic acid-glucose complexation.

Research paper by Yizhou Y Dong, Weiheng W Wang, Omid O Veiseh, Eric A EA Appel, Kun K Xue, Matthew J MJ Webber, Benjamin B Tang, Xi-Wen XW Yang, Gordon G Weir, Robert R Langer, Daniel G DG Anderson

Indexed on: 28 Jul '16Published on: 28 Jul '16Published in: Langmuir


Injectable hydrogels have been widely used for a number of biomedical applications. Here, we report a new strategy to form an injectable and glucose-responsive hydrogel using the boronic acid-glucose complexation. The ratio of boronic acid and glucose functional groups are critical for hydrogel formation. In our system, polymers with 10-60% boronic acid, with the balance being glucose-modified, are favorable to form hydrogels. These hydrogels are shear-thinning and self-healing, recovering from shear-induced flow to the to a gel state within seconds. More importantly, these polymers displayed glucose-responsive release of an encapsulated model drug. To our knowledge, the hydrogel reported here is the first injectable and glucose-responsive hydrogel constructed from the complexation of boronic acid and glucose a single component polymeric material.