Initial radiological findings utilizing titanium basket for cervical open door laminoplasty.

Research paper by Hidenori H Matsuoka, Yukoh Y Ohara, Yoshiyuki Y Tomita, Nahoko N Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Y Hirano, Hisaaki H Uchikado, Junichi J Mizuno

Indexed on: 03 Oct '17Published on: 03 Oct '17Published in: Surgical neurology international


Cervical laminoplasty, utilizing different spacers to ''keep the door open,'' is the gold standard in Japan for treating ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL) and cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM). Here, we utilized a novel titanium ''basket'' spacer (Laminoplasty Basket: L-Basket; Ammtec, Tokyo) to perform open door cervical laminoplasty to keep the "door open" while also allowing for bony fusion across the open door.Twenty-seven patients with/without OPLL were treated with open door laminoplasty utilizing the basket spacer. Patients were analyzed with preoperative/postoperative JOA scores, and X-rays/computed tomography (CT) at least 12 months (range, 12-19 months) postoperatively.Improvement from the preoperative JOA score of 10.3 points to the postoperative JOA of 14.8 points was noted 3 months postoperatively. There were no complications except one patient who had transient C5 palsy. Twelve months postoperatively, X-rays/CT documented fusion on both the open (62%) and hinge sides (90.2%); circumferential fusion was observed 59.8% of the time.This titanium "basket" spacer (Laminoplasty Basket: L-Basket; Ammtec, Tokyo) promoted bone union between the spacer and both lamina, lateral masses following cervical laminoplasty without undue complications.

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