Initial experience with application of single layer modified Kugel mesh for inguinal hernia repair: Case series of 72 consecutive patients.

Research paper by Pao-Hwa PH Chen, Heng-Chieh HC Chiang, Yao-Li YL Chen, Jesen J Lin, Bai-Fu BF Wang, Meng-Yi MY Yan, Chun-Chi CC Chen, Hung-Jen HJ Shih, Jian-Ting JT Chen

Indexed on: 15 Mar '16Published on: 15 Mar '16Published in: Asian Journal of Surgery


This is an initial review of the safety and efficacy of anterior preperitoneal modified Kugel (MK) mesh herniorrhaphy application without using optional onlay mesh.We retrospectively reviewed patients who underwent herniorrhaphy by a single surgeon from July 1(st), 2009 to December 31(st), 2010. During these 18 months, a total of 72 patients underwent single-layer MK mesh herniorrhaphy. Anterior preperitoneal approach was used to place the mesh. If the patient's inguinal hernia defect did not exceed the memory ring of MK mesh, the onlay mesh was omitted. Postoperative results (wound infection, recurrence, and chronic pain/discomfort) were recorded and analyzed.A total of 72 patients underwent anterior preperitoneal single layer MK mesh herniorrhaphy. One patient had recurrent hernia after 1 year and was treated with a laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal operation. The most common postoperative complaint was mild soreness which was self-resolving after 1 month. Mean total operative time (skin to skin) was 73 minutes. The average hospital stay was 2 days. Most of the postoperative complications including soreness (14%), pain for > 3 months (1.4%), and scrotal hematoma (1.4%) were self-resolving. One patient experienced wound infection, which was treated with oral antibiotics. One patient had recurrence 1 year after the operation.The postoperative complication and recurrence rates of single-layer MK mesh herniorrhaphy was comparable with previously reported tension-free repair. Single-layer application is safe and feasible. A longer follow-up period and larger study group with a control group are needed to verify our method.