Inhomogenous magnetic ground state in CeAgGa

Research paper by J. Goraus, A. Ślebarski, M. Fijałkowski, Ł. Hawełek

Indexed on: 09 Mar '11Published on: 09 Mar '11Published in: The European Physical Journal B


CeAgGa crystallizes in CeCu2Imma structure with Ag and Ga atoms randomly distributed at 8h sites. The magnetic and transport properties of the orthorhombic CeAgGa compound have been obtained from the analysis of ac magnetic susceptibility χac, magnetization M vs. magnetic field, specific heat C and electrical resistivity ρ. The results provide evidence for the formation of a spin-glass state with a freezing temperature Tf = 5.1 K. The randomness in the Ce-Ce magnetic exchange interactions seem to arise from a statistical distribution of Ag and Ga atoms on a crystallographic site of the CeAgGa crystal lattice. The results provide also evidence for the formation of ferromagnetic-like order at the temperature TC≈ 3.6 K. Band structure calculations for a disordered system give magnetic moment similar to saturation moment obtained from magnetization measurements, however, its calculated value is insensitive on Ga/Ag off-stoichiometry in the 8h position. Complex behavior of CeAgGa Kondo-lattice compound is discussed in terms of interplaying Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) interactions, Kondo effect and structural disorder.