Infrared spectra of proteins and lipids in human breast malignant tissues

Research paper by I. V. Skornyakov, G. B. Tolstorozhev, V. A. Butra

Indexed on: 22 May '09Published on: 22 May '09Published in: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy


IR spectroscopy methods have been adopted for investigating resected tissues of mammary glands. IR spectra of surgical material are compared with histological data. Spectra of proteins and lipids in malignant tumors are shown to be different from those in benign tumors and in tissues outside the pathologically impacted volume. Differences in the protein spectra are due to changes in the supramolecular structure because of the cleavage of intramolecular C=O⋅⋅⋅H–N H-bonds. Spectral signatures of malignant pathologies are identified.