Information and Computation: Classical and Quantum Aspects

Research paper by A. Galindo, M. A. Martin-Delgado

Indexed on: 18 Dec '01Published on: 18 Dec '01Published in: Quantum Physics


Quantum theory has found a new field of applications in the realm of information and computation during the recent years. This paper reviews how quantum physics allows information coding in classically unexpected and subtle nonlocal ways, as well as information processing with an efficiency largely surpassing that of the present and foreseeable classical computers. Some outstanding aspects of classical and quantum information theory will be addressed here. Quantum teleportation, dense coding, and quantum cryptography are discussed as a few samples of the impact of quanta in the transmission of information. Quantum logic gates and quantum algorithms are also discussed as instances of the improvement in information processing by a quantum computer. We provide finally some examples of current experimental realizations for quantum computers and future prospects.