Influences of periodic mechanical deformation on pinned spiral waves.

Research paper by Jiang-Xing JX Chen, Liang L Peng, Qiang Q Zheng, Ye-Hua YH Zhao, He-Ping HP Ying

Indexed on: 03 Oct '14Published on: 03 Oct '14Published in: Chaos (Woodbury, N.Y.)


In a generic model of excitable media, we study the behavior of spiral waves interacting with obstacles and their dynamics under the influences of simple periodic mechanical deformation (PMD). Depending on the characteristics of the obstacles, i.e., size and excitability, the rotation of a pinned spiral wave shows different scenarios, e.g., embedding into or anchoring on an obstacle. Three different drift phenomena induced by PMD are observed: scattering on small partial-excitable obstacles, meander-induced unpinning on big partial-excitable obstacles, and drifting around small unexcitable obstacles. Their underlying mechanisms are discussed. The dependence of the threshold amplitude of PMD on the characteristics of the obstacles to successfully remove pinned spiral waves on big partial-excitable obstacles is studied.