Influence of the polarity of the medium on the rate of oxidation of unsaturated compounds

Research paper by G. E. Zaikov, A. A. Bichutinskii, A. K. Maizus, N. M. Émanuél'

Indexed on: 01 Aug '68Published on: 01 Aug '68Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The absolute values of the rate constants of the reactions of chain propagation (k2) and termination (k6) in the oxidation of 2-methylpentene-2 were measured.With decreasing dielectric constant of the medium (ɛ), the values of k2 and k6 increase according to the Kirkwood equation, relating the reaction rate constant with ɛ.The change in the values of k2 and k6 with changing ɛ is determined by the difference in the values of the dipole moments of the starting materials and activated complex.