Influence of the inhibitor NEFGAN-1 on the corrosive and biological activity of soils

Research paper by Z. V. Slobodyan, A. V. Vasylyk, V. M. Zhovnirchuk, R. V. Kucheras, L. A. Mahlatyuk

Indexed on: 01 Nov '99Published on: 01 Nov '99Published in: Materials Science


We established that the vital activity of sulfur-cycle bacteria (Thiobacillus) is the cause of intensive fracture of bituminous coatings at the Horodok-Yavoriv section of the main gas pipeline. The inhibitor NEFGAN-1 decreases the number of Thiobacillus thiooxidans, ferrooxidans, and thioparus bacteria by 60–70%, protects 20 steel against corrosion in aqueous extracts of soils by 90%, and increases the corrosion and biocidal resistance of the bituminous coating. This inhibitor as a component of the bituminous coating was experimentally and industrially tested at “L'vivtransgaz.”