Influence of Operating Parameters on the Tribological Performance of Oleic Acid-Functionalized Cu Nanofluids

Research paper by Ajay Kumar, Gananath D. Thakre, P. K. Arya, A. K. Jain

Indexed on: 29 Mar '17Published on: 17 Mar '17Published in: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry


This paper reports the influence of operating parameters on the tribological performance of Cu nanofluids. The nanofluids have been prepared by blending oleic acid-functionalized Cu nanoparticles in mineral base oil and commercial multigrade lubricant. The functionalized Cu nanoparticles have been characterized by analytical techniques to ascertain chemical composition and structure of particles. The UV results indicate stable dispersion of nanofluids. The experiments have been performed to investigate the influence of load, speed, and temperature on the tribo-performance behavior of nanofluids. The tribological performance reveals that the Cu nanofluids help in reducing friction and wear more significantly within the contact as compared to the base fluid under studied operating conditions.

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