Influence of Domain Wall on Magnetocaloric Effect in GdPt$_{2}$

Research paper by Tapas Samanta, I. Das

Indexed on: 12 Apr '06Published on: 12 Apr '06Published in: Physics - Materials Science


The resistivity, magnetoresistance and in-field heat capacity measurements were performed on GdPt$_{2}$ intermetallic compound. The magnetocaloric parameters $\Delta T_{ad}$ and $-\Delta S$ were derived from the in-field heat capacity data. Comparison has been made between the magnetocaloric effect $-\Delta S$ and difference in resistivity $-\Delta \rho$ $(=\rho(H)-\rho(0))$ as a function of temperature. There is distinct difference in the temperature dependence of $-\Delta S$ and $-\Delta \rho$ below the ferromagnetic transition temperature. However after removing the domain wall contribution from $-\Delta \rho$, the nature of $-\Delta S$ and $-\Delta \rho$ dependence as a function of temperature are similar. Our observation indicates that the domain wall contribution in magnetocaloric effect is negligible in spite of the fact that it has significant contribution in magnetotransport.