Influence of crystallization conditions on the crystalline transformation behavior of nylon 10 14

Research paper by Yongjin Li, Deyue Yan

Indexed on: 01 Jul '02Published on: 01 Jul '02Published in: Colloid and polymer science


Three kinds of nylon 10 14 crystals with different perfections were prepared under various crystallization conditions. The Brill transition behavior of these nylon 10 14 crystals was investigated by variable-temperature X-ray diffraction. It was found that the crystallization conditions influence the Brill transition temperature greatly. The Brill transition temperature of the lamellar crystals grown from dilute solution is so high that no Brill transition temperature can be observed before melting. However, for crystals postannealed at 125 °C, the Brill transition temperature is as low as 130 °C. The results show that the Brill transition behavior of nylons is strongly dependent on the crystallization conditions, for example, the perfections of the crystals.