Influence of a liquid-like MWCNT reinforcement on interfacial and mechanical properties of carbon fiber filament winding composites

Research paper by Qingjie Zhang, Jianqiao Wu, Liang Gao, Tian Liu, Weihong Zhong, Gang Sui, Xiaoping Yang

Indexed on: 15 Mar '16Published on: 05 Mar '16Published in: Polymer


A kind of liquid-like multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) reinforcements was prepared and dispersed into epoxy matrix. The effects of the liquid-like MWCNT reinforcements on the processing, mechanical and interfacial properties of carbon fiber filament wound composites were investigated. The results showed that the liquid-like MWCNT reinforcements can be uniformly dispersed in epoxy matrix which showed the good processing properties for winding technology. The liquid-like MWCNT reinforcements could participate in the cross-linking reaction with epoxy groups, improve the interfacial bonding between carbon fibers and resin matrix, and change the failure mode of the resulting composites. Compared to the neat epoxy system, the significant enhancement in tensile and compressive properties of resin matrix was realized by adding 3 wt% liquid-like MWCNT reinforcements. Meanwhile an increase of 8 °C in glass transition temperature, 7% in interlaminar shear strength and 17% in tensile strength of MT300 carbon fiber Naval Ordnance Laboratory rings was achieved.

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