Infinite Lorentz boost along the M-theory circle and non-asymptotically flat solutions in supergravities

Research paper by Seungjoon Hyun, Youngjai Kiem, Hyeonjoon Shin

Indexed on: 02 Dec '97Published on: 02 Dec '97Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


Certain non-asymptotically flat but supersymmetric classical solution of the type IIA supergravity can be interpreted as the infinitely-boosted version of the D-particle solution along the M-theory circle. By a chain of T-dual transformations, this analysis also applies to yield non-asymptotically flat solutions from the asymptotically flat and (non)-extremal solutions with intersecting D-strings and D five-branes of the type IIB supergravity compactified on a five-torus. Under S-duality, the non-asymptotically flat solutions in this context can in particular be used to describe the (1+1)-dimensional CGHS type black holes via spontaneous compactifications.