Inequivalent routes across the Mott transition in V2O3 explored by X-ray absorption.

Research paper by F F Rodolakis, P P Hansmann, J-P JP Rueff, A A Toschi, M W MW Haverkort, G G Sangiovanni, A A Tanaka, T T Saha-Dasgupta, O K OK Andersen, K K Held, M M Sikora, I I Alliot, J-P JP Itié, F F Baudelet, P P Wzietek, et al.

Indexed on: 07 Apr '10Published on: 07 Apr '10Published in: Physical review letters


The changes in the electronic structure of V2O3 across the metal-insulator transition induced by temperature, doping, and pressure are identified using high resolution x-ray absorption spectroscopy at the V pre-K edge. Contrary to what has been taken for granted so far, the metallic phase reached under pressure is shown to differ from the one obtained by changing doping or temperature. Using a novel computational scheme, we relate this effect to the role and occupancy of the a{1g} orbitals. This finding unveils the inequivalence of different routes across the Mott transition in V2O3.