Induction of type-specific neutralizing antibodies by capsomeres of human papillomavirus type 33.

Research paper by C C Fligge, T T Giroglou, R E RE Streeck, M M Sapp

Indexed on: 05 May '01Published on: 05 May '01Published in: Virology


The immunogenicity of capsomeres of human papillomavirus type 33 was evaluated in a dose-response analysis. Capsomeres were obtained free of capsids by expression of L1 carrying the single point mutation C427S. Neutralizing antibodies were detected using an in vitro pseudoinfection assay. Capsomeres induced type-specific, neutralizing antibodies in mice even in the absence of adjuvant. The neutralization titers of immune sera raised without adjuvant were 10- to 20-fold lower than those of antisera to virus-like particles, but virtually identical using Freund's adjuvant. These data indicate that capsomeres may substitute for virus-like particles in future vaccines when used with an adjuvant appropriate for human vaccination.