Indoor radon levels in schools of South-East Italy.

Research paper by Rosabianca R Trevisi, Federica F Leonardi, Carla C Simeoni, Sabrina S Tonnarini, Miriam M Veschetti

Indexed on: 14 Jul '12Published on: 14 Jul '12Published in: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity


A survey was conducted to evaluate average levels of indoor radon and gamma doses in all educational buildings (506 schools) located in South-East Italy (the Salento peninsula, province of Lecce). In this paper the final findings relating to measurements performed with SSNTD dosemeters in 438 schools (86% of the sample) are reported. The average annual activity concentration of radon in schools located in the province of Lecce is 209 ± 9 Bq/m(3). Radon values actually ranged from 21 Bq/m(3) to 1608 Bq/m(3). About 7% of schools showed radon concentration values above 500 Bq/m(3), the Italian action level for workplaces.