Indoor radon in Kuwait.

Research paper by Darwish D Al-Azmi, A I AI Abu-Shady, A M AM Sayed, Y Y Al-Zayed

Indexed on: 20 Dec '07Published on: 20 Dec '07Published in: Health physics


Indoor radon measurements were carried out in 300 dwellings in Kuwait using duplicate sets of charcoal detectors. Measurements were made at three different locations in the dwellings: living rooms, bedrooms, and basements. The results show that the radon concentration in the dwellings of Kuwait was found to vary in the range of 4.0-241.8 Bq m(-3) with a mean value of 32.8 Bq m(-3), and most values are confined within the range of 10-50 Bq m(-3) for all locations with few cases above the value of 100 Bq m(-3). Overall results show that the indoor radon concentration levels in Kuwait are relatively low, which is attributed to the use of air conditioning in summer and possible natural ventilation in winter. The radon concentration in basements was found to be relatively higher when compared to other rooms of the dwellings.