Individual sensitivity to lactose in lactose malabsorption

Research paper by E. Gudmand-Høyer, K. Simony

Indexed on: 01 Mar '77Published on: 01 Mar '77Published in: Digestive Diseases and Sciences


The clinical significance of lactose malabsorption and the individual sensitivity to lactose were investigated in 20 patients with verified lactose malabsorption. Thirteen patients were relieved of all symptoms while seven improved only on a lactose-free diet. The healthy patients did not experience any symptoms following provocation with lactose-free milk but following provocation with increasing amounts of lactose, the tendency to diarrhea and abdominal discomfort increased considerably. Three patients experienced discomfort after provocation with only 5 g lactose. On provocation with increasing amounts of lactose the seven patients who had not recovered also developed increased abdominal discomfort but none of them developed increased tendency to diarrhea. It is concluded that, in addition to lactose malabsorption, these patients must suffer from irritable colon with tendency to constipation.