Indium Gallium Arsenide Quantum Dot Gate Field-Effect Transistor Using II–VI Tunnel Insulators Showing Three-State Behavior

Research paper by P.-Y. Chan, E. Suarez, M. Gogna, B.I. Miller, E.K. Heller, J.E. Ayers, F.C. Jain

Indexed on: 29 Jun '12Published on: 29 Jun '12Published in: Journal of Electronic Materials


This paper presents an indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) quantum dot gate field-effect transistor (QDG-FET) that exhibits an intermediate “i” state in addition to the conventional ON and OFF states. The QDG-FET utilized a II–VI gate insulator stack consisting of lattice-matched ZnSe/ZnS/ZnMgS/ZnS/ZnSe for its high-κ and wide-bandgap properties. Germanium oxide (GeOx)-cladded germanium quantum dots were self-assembled over the gate insulator stack, and they allow for the three-state behavior of the device. Electrical characteristics of the fabricated device are also presented.