[Indication, type of resection and results of surgery in cases of lung tuberculosis. A historical and regional overview].

Research paper by L L Hillejan, A A Nemat, A A Marra, G G Stamatis

Indexed on: 14 Jun '02Published on: 14 Jun '02Published in: Pneumologie (Stuttgart, Germany)


Pulmonary tuberculosis has become a rare indication for surgical intervention in all industrial nations. Over a period of 10 years we overview 193 patients who were suffering this disease and underwent thoracotomy. Main indication (79.8 %) was pulmonary nodules, of unknown origin. In this cases wedge resection was performed. Expanded resectional techniques were necessary in cases of cavernes, superinfected bronchiectasis, bronchial stenosis, hemoptysis and destroyed lungs due to tuberculosis. Considering the heterogenous groups of patients, the perioperative morbidity (21.8 %) and mortality (0.5 %) has to be regarded in comparison to the data found in the literature.