Increasing the total net revenue for single machine order acceptance and scheduling problems using an artificial bee colony algorithm

Research paper by S-W Lin, K-C Ying

Indexed on: 09 May '12Published on: 09 May '12Published in: Journal of the Operational Research Society


The order acceptance and scheduling (OAS) problem is an important topic for make-to-order production systems with limited production capacity and tight delivery requirements. This paper proposes a new algorithm based on Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) for solving the single machine OAS problem with release dates and sequence-dependent setup times. The performance of the proposed ABC-based algorithm was validated by a benchmark problem set of test instances with up to 100 orders. Experimental results showed that the proposed ABC-based algorithm outperformed three state-of-art metaheuristic-based algorithms from the literature. It is believed that this study successfully demonstrates a high-performance algorithm that can serve as a new benchmark approach for future research on the OAS problem addressed in this study.