Increased Cyfra 21-1 concentration in saliva from primary oral squamous cell carcinoma patients.

Research paper by Lai-ping LP Zhong, Chen-ping CP Zhang, Jia-wei JW Zheng, Jiang J Li, Wan-tao WT Chen, Zhi-yuan ZY Zhang

Indexed on: 07 Jul '07Published on: 07 Jul '07Published in: Archives of Oral Biology


Saliva is the body fluid in the oral cavity and contacts directly with oral mucosa. As a detective media, it is acceptable and non-traumatic. Cyfra 21-1, being the soluble fragment of cytokeratin 19(CK19), correlates well with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC).To investigate the saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentrations in OSCC patients and healthy persons, and the correlation between the Cyfra 21-1 concentration in saliva and the CK19 expression in tissue from OSCC patients.Saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentration was detected by ELISA in 30 OSCC patients and 30 healthy persons; CK19 protein expression and CK19 mRNA level were, respectively, detected by immunohistochemistry and fluorescent real-time RT-PCR in cancerous and paracancerous tissues from 33 OSCC patients.Saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentration in OSCC patients (85.95+/-78.00 microg/L) was significantly higher than that in healthy persons (42.27+/-40.84 microg/L) (P=0.009); it was also significantly higher in the patients suffering later tumour recurrence (130.95+/-66.38 microg/L) than that in the patients without tumour recurrence (74.84+/-63.45 microg/L) (P=0.023). CK19 protein expression increased significantly in OSCC tissues (P<0.001) with positive rate of 90.9%, CK19 mRNA level in cancerous tissues was 2.21 folds higher than that in paracancerous tissues (P=0.020); significant correlation was found between tissue CK19 protein expression and tissue CK19 mRNA level (P=0.003), and great correlation was found between tissue CK19 protein expression and saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentration (P=0.051).The increased CK19 expression in OSCC tissues plays an important role in the increase of saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentration. Potential clinical value of saliva Cyfra 21-1 detection is suggested for OSCC. Further studies are encouraged to reveal the real diagnostic and prognostic value of detecting saliva Cyfra 21-1 concentration for OSCC.