Incident ion dose evolution of damaged layer thickness in Si substrate exposed to Ar and He plasmas

Research paper by Takashi Hamano, Koji Eriguchi

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 28 May '18Published in: Japanese journal of applied physics (2008)


The effect of ion flux on the formation of a damaged layer in a Si substrate was investigated in detail. An inductively coupled plasma source was used to control the flux (Γ ion ) and energy ( E ion ) of incident ions. The progressive behavior of the total damaged layer thickness ( d dam ) estimated by spectroscopic ellipsometry primarily depends on the total ion dose ( D ion = Γ ion × t pr , where t pr is the process time) and E ion . The evolution of d dam then saturates and becomes independent of D ion . The characteristic total ion dose ( D dam ) is defined, which distinguishes the progressive and saturation phases. Experimental results suggest that D dam is estimated to be in the range from 1 × 10 16 to 3 × 10 16 cm −2 , regardless of Ar and He plasmas in the ...