In vitro transcription by isolated nuclei of Rhynchosciara americana salivary glands

Research paper by Roberto V. Santelli, Gláucia Maria Machado-Santelli, Francisco J. S. Lara

Indexed on: 01 Mar '76Published on: 01 Mar '76Published in: Chromosoma


A method for the isolation of polytene nuclei from salivary glands cells of the Diptera Rhynchosciara americana is described. The stage-specific morphological pattern of the chromosome is maintained during the isolation. The isolated nuclei show two distinct RNA polymerase activities, namely I and II, characterized on the basis of ionic requirements and α-amanitin sensitivity. Studies of the product under the incubation conditions show that the system allows the synthesis of high-molecular weight RNA, beside a low molecular weight peak which may comprise pre-4S and 5S RNAs.-Autoradiographic studies carried out in the presence or absence of the toxin α-amanitin showed that micronucleoli contain products of RNA polymerase type I activity (ribosomal RNA) and that the DNA puffs are engaged in α-amanitin sensitive RNA synthesis and thus are sites of polymerase type II activity.