In vitro plant regeneration from organogenic callus of Curcuma kwangsiensis Lindl. (Zingiberaceae)

Research paper by Shijun Zhang, Nian Liu, Aiwu Sheng, Guohua Ma, Guojiang Wu

Indexed on: 24 Nov '10Published on: 24 Nov '10Published in: Plant growth regulation


A novel protocol for callus-mediated shoot regeneration was established for an important medicinal and ornamental plant native to South China, Curcuma kwangsiensis, using shoot base sections excised from seedlings in vitro as explant sources. The frequency of callus formation reached 91% for explants cultured on MS medium containing 1.4 μM TDZ, 4.4 μM BA and 2.3 μM 2,4-D. 8.2 shoots per callus was achieved on MS medium supplemented with 1.4 μM TDZ, 17.8 μM BA and 2.7 μM NAA. Single shoots transferred into MS medium free of plant growth regulator rooted well. Regenerated plants acclimatized ex vitro at 100%, and grew vigorously under shaded greenhouse conditions.