In situ determination of the energy dependence of the high-frequency mobility in polymers

Research paper by I. N. Hulea, A. V. Pronin, H. B. Brom

Indexed on: 06 Sep '05Published on: 06 Sep '05Published in: Physics - Materials Science


The high-frequency mobility in disordered systems is governed by transport properties on mesoscopic length scales, which makes it a sensitive probe for the amount of local order. Here we present a method to measure the energy dependence of the high frequency mobility by combining an electrochemically gated transistor with in-situ quasi-optical measurements in the sub-terahertz domain. We apply this method to poly([2-methoxy-5-(3',7'-dimethylocyloxy)]-p-phenylene vinylene) (OC_1C_10-PPV) and find a mobility at least as high as 0.1 cm^2V^-1s^-1.