Improving the organization of concrete work performed during construction of the Sayano-Shushenskoe hydroelectric plant

Research paper by N. A. Zinchenko, S. I. Sadovskii

Indexed on: 01 Feb '79Published on: 01 Feb '79Published in: Power Technology and Engineering


maximum use of highly productive, manneuverable KBGS-1000-type cranes with a high lift capacity designed especially for concrete placement;use of self-hoisting gantries for raising several cranes as the dam rises in accordance with a stepwise scheme;conversion to concrete placement in unified 27×30 m blocks with single- or double-layer placement, the layers being 1–1.5 m thick, and with heavy-duty gangs of V-1-691 vibrators;complete mechanization of all intrablock operations involving preparation of the block base, working of concrete that is being placed, raising protective tenting, and the resetting of forms, and;improvement in procedures for winter concrete placement with the use of new insulating materials, the widespread introduction of open tent-free placement of concrete, improvement of tent designs, and facilities for heating the blocks.