Improvement of tumor cell depletion by combining immunomagnetic positive selection of CD34-positive hematopoietic stem cells and negative selection (purging) of tumor cells.

Research paper by B B Hoppe, M M Mohr, A A Roots-Weiss, J J Kienast, W E WE Berdel

Indexed on: 07 May '99Published on: 07 May '99Published in: Bone Marrow Transplantation


One possible reason for relapse after high-dose chemotherapy is retransplantation of tumor cells contaminating autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplants. Residual tumor cells can be diminished by various purging methods. We studied tumor cell depletion by sequentially combining immunomagnetic positive selection of CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells using Isolex50 or Isolex300SA and negative tumor cell depletion using MACS, MaxSep or Isolex50 systems. Using these separation systems in different selection sequences, i.e. positive followed by negative selection (+/- selection) or vice versa, four groups of double selections (Isolex50/MACS, Isolex50/MaxSep, MaxSep/Isolex50, Isolex300SA/Isolex50) were studied. Testing these double-purging procedures mean additional tumor cell depletion (deltaTCD) achieved by the second selection step ranged from 1.1+/-0.58 log (n = 5, +/- Isolex50/MACS) to 2.0+/-1.1 log (n = 7, -/+ MaxSep/Isolex50). Loss of CD34+ cells during double selection sometimes was extensive and mean yield of CD34+ cells ranged from 12.8+/-11.5% (n = 6, +/- Isolex50/MaxSep) to 43.2% (n = 2, +/- Isolex300SA/Isolex50). Calculated values for mean yield-corrected deltaTCD ranged from 0.64+/-0.3 log (n = 5, +/- Isolex50/MACS) to 1.4+/-1.3 log (n = 7, -/+ MaxSep/Isolex50). During positive selection of -/+ selection (MaxSep/Isolex50) relative tumor cell enrichment was detectable leading to an increment of mean tumor cell contamination rate. Best results for total TCD were achieved by the combination of Isolex50/MaxSep (n = 6; TCD: 4.2 log; yield CD34+: 12.8%) and Isolex300/Isolex50 (n = 2; TCD: 3.8 log; yield CD34+: 43.2%). Furthermore, we have established and tested a new simultaneous +/- selection method by using CD34-specific releasing agent PR34+ in the Isolex300i. With this method we have obtained a mean total yield-corrected TCD of 4.7 log (n = 4; range: 4.1-6.0 log) with high CD34+ cell yield (mean: 69.8%) and CD34+ cell purity (mean: 92.8%). Since this new simultaneous +/- purging procedure is safe, applicable within a closed system (GMP-like) and most effective, we recommend it for further testing in a clinical setting.