Improvement of the Anticorrosion Properties of a Working Emulsion of Mine Hydraulic Systems

Research paper by V. I. Pokhmurs’kyi, I. M. Zin’; M. M. Student; M. B. Tymus; H. H. Veselivs’ka; T. R. Stupnyts’kyi

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 01 Jan '18Published in: Materials Science


We seek new efficient corrosion inhibitors for the protection of steel rods of mine hydraulic cylinders with electric-arc sprayed coatings against corrosion in the FMI-RZh working emulsion contaminated with chloride ions. A significant deceleration of the corrosion fracture of 45 steel is detected after the addition of sodium silicate and benzyl benzoate to the emulsion. The inhibiting effect of benzyl benzoate can be explained by the adsorption of its polar molecules on the steel surface and by the formation of sodium benzoate as a result of the reaction with hydroxyl ions near the cathodic sections. Both inhibitors provide the efficient corrosion protection of the “45 carbon steel–electric-arc sprayed powder-wire coating” system in a 3% solution of sodium chloride under the conditions of leakage of the inhibited emulsion through the porous sprayed layer.