Immunoinformatics and the in silico prediction of immunogenicity. An introduction.

Research paper by Darren R DR Flower

Indexed on: 03 May '08Published on: 03 May '08Published in: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)


Immunoinformatics is the application of informatics techniques to molecules of the immune system. One of its principal goals is the effective prediction of immunogenicity, be that at the level of epitope, subunit vaccine, or attenuated pathogen. Immunogenicity is the ability of a pathogen or component thereof to induce a specific immune response when first exposed to surveillance by the immune system, whereas antigenicity is the capacity for recognition by the extant machinery of the adaptive immune response in a recall response. In thisbook, we introduce these subjects and explore the current state of play in immunoinformatics and the in silico prediction of immunogenicity.