Immunchemische Untersuchungen zum Problem der „pregnancy zone“

Research paper by W. Straube, R. Hofmann, B. Klausch, B. Grummt, K. Rockstroh, H. -J. Kruse

Indexed on: 01 Jun '76Published on: 01 Jun '76Published in: Archiv fur Gynakologie


A quantitative study of the pregnancy zone protein was made in the sera of 383 healthy pregnant women by means of radial immunodiffusion according to Mancini and co-workers. The serum levels related to a pregnancy serum standard were measured from the 6th to 44th week of pregnancy. The serum concentration of the protein showed a considerable individual variation. The mean concentration began to rise in gestational weeks 8 to 24. Until the week 32 a rather stable average level was reached. Before delivery a slight decrease was observed. Women with over term pregnancies showed particular high mean concentrations. The differences of serum levels were statistically significant until the gestational week 14.