Imaging through scattering medium by adaptive non-linear digital processing.

Research paper by Saswata S Mukherjee, Joseph J Rosen

Indexed on: 14 Jul '18Published on: 14 Jul '18Published in: Scientific Reports


Scattering media have always posed obstacles for imaging through them. In this study, we propose a single exposure, spatially incoherent and interferenceless method capable of imaging multi-plane objects through scattering media using only a single lens and a digital camera. A point object and a resolution chart are precisely placed at the same axial location, and light scattered from them is focused onto an image sensor using a spherical lens. For both cases, intensity patterns are recorded under identical conditions using only a single camera shot. The final image is obtained by an adaptive non-linear cross-correlation between the response functions of the point object and of the resolution chart. The clear and sharp reconstructed image demonstrates the validity of the method.