Image fusion technique using multivariate statistical model for wavelet coefficients

Research paper by Sanjit Roy, Tamanna Howlader, S. M. Mahbubur Rahman

Indexed on: 27 Jul '11Published on: 27 Jul '11Published in: Signal, Image and Video Processing


Wavelet-based image fusion techniques have been highly successful in combining important features such as edges and textures of source images. In this work, a new discrete wavelet transform (DWT)-based fusion algorithm is proposed using a locally-adaptive multivariate statistical model for the wavelet coefficients of the source images as well as that of the fused image. The multivariate model is proposed based on the fact that the DWT coefficients of source images are correlated not only with each other but also with the fused image. By using this model as a joint prior function, an estimate of the fused coefficients is derived via the Bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation technique. Experimental results show that performance of the proposed fusion method is better than that of the other methods in terms of commonly-used metrics such as structural similarity, peak signal-to-noise ratio, and cross-entropy.