Identification of five new bradykinin potentiating peptides (BPPs) from Bothrops jararaca crude venom by using electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry after a two-step liquid chromatography.

Research paper by Danielle D Ianzer, Katsuhiro K Konno, Rafael R Marques-Porto, Fernanda Calheta FC Vieira Portaro, Reto R Stöcklin, Antônio Carlos AC Martins de Camargo, Daniel Carvalho DC Pimenta

Indexed on: 13 Jul '04Published on: 13 Jul '04Published in: Peptides


Bradykinin potentiating peptides (BPPs) from Bothrops jararaca venom were described in the middle of 1960s and were the first natural inhibitors of the angiotensin-converting enzyme displaying strong anti-hypertensive effects in human subjects. The BPPs can be recognized by their typical pyroglutamyl proline-rich oligopeptide sequences presenting invariably a proline residue at the C-terminus. In the present study, we identified 18 BPPs, most of them already described for the B. jararaca venom. We isolated and sequenced new peptides ranging from 5 to 14 amino acid residues exhibiting similar amino acid sequence features. The applied methodology consisted of a strait two-step liquid chromatography, followed by mass spectrometry analysis. Besides the amino acid sequence homology, the corresponding synthetic peptides were able to potentiate bradykinin on the isolated guinea-pig ileum.

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