Identification of a novel point mutation in ENT1 that confers resistance to Ara-C in human T cell leukemia CCRF-CEM cells.

Research paper by Eric I EI Zimmerman, Min M Huang, Andrea V AV Leisewitz, Yanhong Y Wang, Jing J Yang, Lee M LM Graves

Indexed on: 01 Jan '09Published on: 01 Jan '09Published in: FEBS Letters


The genetic basis for the Ara-C resistance of CCRF-CEM Ara-C/8C leukemia cells was investigated. DNA sequencing revealed that these cells expressed an equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (ENT1) with a single missense mutation resulting in glycine to arginine replacement (G24R). To test the importance of this residue, additional G24 mutants were created and examined for [3H]-uridine and [3H]-Ara-C uptake. Both a G24E and G24A mutant showed reduced ENT1-dependent activity. An EGFP-tagged G24R ENT1 displayed plasma membrane localization even though it was unable to bind [3H]-NBMPR, an ENT1-specific inhibitor. These results define G24 as critical amino acid for ENT1 nucleoside uptake and suggest that mutations in TM1 may provide a mechanism for Ara-C resistance in CCRF-CEM Ara-C/8C cells.