ICCM2016: The Implementation of Two-Dimensional Multi-Block Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPU

Research paper by Ya Zhang, Guang Pan, Qiaogao Huang

Indexed on: 22 Dec '17Published on: 15 May '17Published in: International Journal of Computational Methods


International Journal of Computational Methods, Ahead of Print. A straightforward implementation of the Multi-Block Lattice Boltzmann Method (MB-LBM) on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is presented to accelerate the simulation of fluid flows in two-dimensional geometries. The algorithm is measured in terms of both accuracy and efficiency with the benchmark cases of the lid-driven cavity flow and the flow past a circular cylinder, and satisfactory results are obtained. The results show that the performance on GPU becomes even better with the amount of data increasing. Moreover, the arrangement of the computational domain has a significant effect on the efficiency. These results demonstrate the great potential of GPU on the MB-LBM, especially when dealing with massive data.