Hypoxia induces anoxia tolerance in roots and shoots of lupine seedlings

Research paper by Małgorzata Garnczarska, Lech Ratajczak

Indexed on: 01 Mar '03Published on: 01 Mar '03Published in: Acta Physiologiae Plantarum


Lupine seedlings were exposed to 4 kPa partial pressure oxygen (hypoxically pretreated) for 18 hours before treatment with strictly anaerobic conditions (anoxia). Seedlings previously exposed to hypoxia were more tolerant than the controls (not hypoxically pretreated) to anoxic stress in both roots and shoots. Hypoxic pretreatment induced roots and shoots survival in anoxia. Improved viability of roots, following hypoxic pretreatment, was associated with increased activity of ADH. In nonacclimated roots and shots significant increase in LDH activity occurd during the first hours under anoxia but the in vitro activity of LDH was two orders of magnitude lower than that of ADH. The results are discussed in relation to the ability of lupine seedlings to survive anoxia.