Hypertension (Blood Pressure) and Lifetime Risk of Target Organ Damage.

Research paper by Daniel W DW Jones, Donald C DC Clark

Indexed on: 04 Sep '20Published on: 03 Sep '20Published in: Current Hypertension Reports


The purpose of this review is to describe the long-term or lifetime relationship between blood pressure and target organ damage. The use of the term "blood pressure" as opposed to hypertension is purposeful. The risk of cardiovascular disease from blood pressure begins below the levels of blood pressure defined as hypertension by contemporary definitions. An important recent publication that bears on this topic was the 2017 ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Management Guidelines. The redefinition of hypertension and blood pressure treatment goal to 130/80 mmHg and the decision to rely almost exclusively on data from event-based randomized controlled clinical trials, which led to a recommendation for lifestyle therapy only for most with stage 1 hypertension, were important. A report from the CARDIA study demonstrated significant risk for cardiovascular disease at 20 years for stage 1 hypertension. Based on all evidence, clinicians should consider the use of medication for stage 1 hypertension in those uncontrolled on lifestyle therapy.