Hyperon elastic electromagnetic form factors in the space-like momentum region

Research paper by Helios Sanchis-Alepuz, Christian S. Fischer

Indexed on: 02 Mar '16Published on: 02 Mar '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We present a calculation of the electric and magnetic form factors of ground-state octet and decuplet baryons including strange quarks. We work with a combination of Dyson-Schwinger equations for the quark propagator and covariant Bethe-Salpeter equations describing baryons as bound states of three (non-perturbative) quarks. Our form factors for the octet baryons are in good agreement with corresponding lattice data at finite $Q^2$; deviations in some isospin channels for the magnetic moments can be explained by missing meson cloud effects. At larger $Q^2$ our quark core calculation has predictive power for both, the octet and decuplet baryons.