Hygrometric Determination of Water Activities and Osmotic and Activity Coefficients of NH4Cl–LiCl–H2O at 25°C

Research paper by Mohamed El Guendouzi, Abderrahim Dinane, Abdelfetah Mounir

Indexed on: 01 Feb '02Published on: 01 Feb '02Published in: Journal of Solution Chemistry


The mixed aqueous electrolyte system of ammonium and lithium chlorides has been studied by the hygrometric method at 25°C. The relative humidities of this system are measured at total molalities from 0.3 to 6 mol-kg− 1 for different ionic-strength fractions y of NH4Cl with y = 0.33, 0.50, and 0.67. The data obtained allow the deduction of new water activities and osmotic coefficients. The experimental results are compared with the predictions of the ECA (extended composed additivity) law proposed in our previous work. The Zdanovskii–Stokes–Robinson (ZSR), the Robinson–Stokes (RS), Reilly–Wood–Robinson (RWR), the Pitzer, and the Lietzke–Stoughton (LS II) models are also compared with our results. Predictions made using these models are, in general, consistent with our results. From these measurements, new Pitzer mixing ionic parameters are determined and used to predict the solute activity coefficients in the mixture for different ionic-strength fractions.