Hydrography and circulation in the northwestern Bay of Bengal during the retreat of southwest monsoon

Research paper by V. S. N. Murty, Y. V. B. Sarma, M. T. Babu, D. P. Rao

Indexed on: 01 Mar '92Published on: 01 Mar '92Published in: Journal of Earth System Science


The distribution of temperature and salinity in the upper 500 m of the northwestern Bay of Bengal, adjoining the east coast of India, during the retreat of southwest monsoon (September) of 1983 is presented. This study reveals coastal upwelling (limited to the upper 40 m) induced by the local winds. Waters of higher surface salinity near the coast characterize the upwelling. The freshwater influx near the head of the Bay diluted the surface salinity to as low as 26.0 × 10−3. The surface circulation was weak and led to a net transport of 2.0 × 106m3.s−1 directed towards northeast.