Hydrogenation of ethyl 5-cyano-2-oximinovalerate

Research paper by E. I. Klabunovskii, E. S. Levitina, L. N. Kaigorodova, L. F. Godunova, D. D. Gogoladze, E. I. Karpeiskaya, S. A. Novikova

Indexed on: 01 Sep '86Published on: 01 Sep '86Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Hydrogenation of ethyl 5-cyano-2-oximinovalerate in acetic anhydride at atmospheric pressure in the presence of strong base leads to a quantitative yield of the ethyl ester of α,ε-diacetyllysine.Selective reduction of the cyano and oximino groups in ethyl 5-cyano-2-oximinovalerate has been shown in the presence of powdered Ni, Cu-Ni, and LaNi5H6.6 catalysts.Hydrogenation of ethyl 5-cyano-2-oximinovalerate on Raney Ni at atmospheric pressure in dioxan with addition of acetic anhydride leads to a 50% yield of diacetyllysine.